I'M SURE YOU KNOW BY NOW THAT LeBron James has announced that he's returning to The Cleveland Cavaliers.  Yahoo for all basketball fans around here.  However I found much more to be excited about.  We in Akron, Ohio should hold our collective heads high.  He's the best basketball player on planet earth, NOT the second or third best, but the BEST, and he has decided to return to the city that he has always loved.  LeBron could have gone to the glitz and glitter of Hollywood, the largest media market and city in the country...New York, he could have remained in the sunshine of Miami Beach.  Name the city and he would have been welcomed with open arms, but he chose us...Akron.  Maybe it's time for this much battered part of the country, and it's citizens, to rethink how we view our home!  If LBJ finds this a great place to live, don't you think we can too?  As you all know, LeBron did NOT grow up in Hudson or another suburban town, he came from "The Bottom" (under the Y bridge) and Maple Valley on the west side.  Silver spoon?  Not James...he came up in some tough neighborhoods,  but he's never forgotten the citizens of our town and doesn't mind living among us.  Do we have issues, of course!  What place doesn't.  But maybe we should bury the "rust belt" or FORMER "Rubber Capitol of the World" stuff.  Take a look around, if it's good enough for LeBron, shouldn't it be good enough for us?  One more thing about the essay LeBron wrote announcing his return.  This is a grown man who is nothing but class.  The owner of the Cavs wrote a pathetic "open letter" to Cleveland fans four years ago, and LBJ could have held a grudge (how many of us would have?).  He didn't!  That's class.  Welcome home LBJ, we REALLY missed you.  I'll talk much more about this Monday morning at 9am on 640 WHLO.