HAVE YOU GOT YOUR SUPER BOWL TICKETS yet?  What with Johnny Football becoming a Cleveland Brown last night, I've got to believe lines are already forming for the Browns first appearance in America's biggest sporting event.  Steeler fans...take that!

THE UNIVERSITY of AKRON HAS A NEW president, and it's NOT Jim Tressel.  Scott Scarborough from the University of Toledo won the job yesterday.  Tressel became the new president of Youngstown State earlier this morning.  I had thought Tressel would be the next leader of the U of A, but when YSU decided to go after him, it became clear that Youngstown would be the better fit.  I think the board at Akron figured the same thing, thus the announcements coming fast and furious in the last 24 hours.

DON'T LOOK NOW, BUT LEBRON JAMES is about to become an actor.  I'm not really surprised.  After all when you've accomplished almost everything else in life, why not!

SUNDAY IS MOTHERS DAY SO BEHAVE yourself and don't forget mom.  She's pretty nice and pretty smart, and if you do as she says you can't go wrong (or something like that).  Thank you Captain Penny.