THE OHIO STATE FIRE MARSHAL issued a press release yesterday.  It warned people  NOT to try the 'Fire Challenge'.  That's where you pour a flammable liquid onto your chest and then light it on fire...honest.  We talked about this Tuesday on the show.  The very fact that the fire marshal HAD to send out this notice makes me wonder about our states future.

US CONGRESSMAN SCOTT DESJARLAIS of Tennessee may have won his primary for reelection (he won by 35 votes).  What made this race so interesting is the fact that DesJarlais has always run as an ultra conservative pro lifer.  The fact that he supported his first wife in having two abortions, has admitted to numerous affairs (including with patients...yea, he's a doctor) and he also encouraged one of his lovers (a patient) to have an abortion.  There will probably be a recount to make sure he REALLY won.

A FLORIDA MAN WAS STOPPED BY A police officer for rolling through a stop sign.  Judes Exantus was apparently in a hurry because he asked the cop to hurry & write the citation.  The cop said he was doing the best he could with the equipment he was using.  At that point, Judes called 9-1-1 to complain that his time was being wasted.  It was then that the officer charged him with misusing 9-1-1 and hauled him off to jail.  He was released after posting $2000 bond.

A MONTREAL COUPLE RETURNED HOME after a vacation and discovered their house had been ransacked...totally.  They thought someone had broken in, until Mariam Pal (the wife) went upstairs to check her computer and spotted the culprit...a squirrel.  The flying rodent did hundreds of dollars of damage that was NOT covered by insurance.  You CAN eat squirrel, can't you?

BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT YOUR US Congressman works 133 days a year.  That's about 100 days less than you do.  Their salary is about $174,000 (plus expenses).  What a country huh?

IF YOU ARE EVER TOLD THAT DRINKING kills brain cells, remember this.  New research shows that it does NO damage to the brain at all, however booze DOES temporarily block brain cells from functioning properly and chronic abuse can also stop the brain from producing new cells.  So now you know.