DON'T KNOW IF YOU'VE BEEN PAYING attention to "bridgegate", but it's a scandal that is growing by the day.  If you remember, last September the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey closed numerous ramps to the George Washington Bridge, which spans the Hudson River and allows folks to go from New Jersey to New York without getting wet.  The people in New Jersey governor Chris Christie's administration said the ramps were closed for a traffic study.  Well we now know there never was a "traffic study."  People in the Christie administration were just trying to get even with the mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey for not endorsing Christie in his re-election bid.  Christie has said along he knew nothing about the whole thing (which is highly unlikely).  However, we recently found out that the Port Authority's police union members were telling commuters, as they waited to cross the bridge,  to call and complain to the mayor in Fort Lee (the town on the Jersey side of the bridge).  Now follow the bouncing ball...the Port Authority police union was apparently guaranteed by Christies' walking around guys that they would be the force to patrol the new Freedom Tower and that there would be an expansion of Port Authority union police jobs, thus creating more dues paying members, if they backed Christie.  They did.  As someone who thought Chris Christie would make a fine president, how wrong I was.  New Jersey politics has always been corrupt, but this guy takes the cake.  As the investigation deepens, it looks worse for Christie every day...however the big question remains "what did he know, and when did he know it."  Will we have a President Christie?  I think at this point we more likely to have Inmate Christie.

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