AS YOU HAVE SEEN ELSEWHERE ON THIS website, the Cleveland Indians have signed second baseman Jason Kipnis to a long term contract.  This is great news for Tribe fans.  Now if they can re-sign Justin Masterson to a long term deal, the fans will no longer be able to savage the Indians front office for being cheap.  Here's hoping that happens.

AS I MENTIONED BRIEFLY ON TODAYS show, the anti smoking folks have e-cigs in their gun sights.  They will be declared illegal in short order.  Count on it!

BACK TO BASEBALL FOR A MOMENT.  AFTER a fan in Texas fell to his death trying to get a foul ball in the upper deck, the Rangers erected a statue to the fans.  On opening day Ranger pelted the statue with beer cans and other garbage.  The photos went viral, giving people in the Lone Star State a black eye.

I KNOW IT DEPENDS ON WHICH SIDE of the political aisle your on, but the latest employment figures in Ohio indicate our unemployment figure is at it's lowest level since the great recession ended.  Go ahead, fight about it.

ALSO MENTIONED THIS BRIEFLY TODAY on the radio.  A father in Germany has been told he may not name his son 'WikiLeaks'.  Who said so?  A judge.  You may remember a set of parents in Tennessee wanted to name their kid 'Messiah' and a clerk so "NO WAY".  Of course she's no longer a clerk at the courthouse.  It will be interesting to see what happens in this case.

IF YOU KNOW DUANE A. CLAYTON, you might want to wish him best of luck.  Judge Lynn Callahan sentenced him to 12 years in prison for robbing a video store in Goodyear Heights.  As I see it, that will be Juuuuust enough time to perfect his vocation (taking from others).

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND AND JOIN me Monday morning at 9am when we will have prizes to award our listeners from our friends at Menches Brothers in Green.  Later JIM