IF YOU CAUGHT THE SHOW THIS morning, you know we started updates on the Cleveland Indians at Spring Training in Goodyear, Arizona.  To me this has always meant "spring is right around the corner."  Now, what about the Tribe in 2014?  I'm nervous about the teams pitching!  Ubaldo Jiminez was the best pither in baseball last year (after The All-Star game).  This year he'll be wearing the uniform of the Baltimore Orioles.  The Indians also lost three members of their bullpen (which is what put them in the playoffs last year).  Bullpens are always hard to figure, so the team is counting on a few new members as well as some kids.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Justin Masterson, possibly our best pitcher, recently signed a one year contract.  That means he's a free agent at the end of the season.  More times that not, a player in the last year of a contract will play his butt off hoping for a pot of gold in the free agent market.  So even if he does bolt Cleveland, hopefully he'll have a great year as ace of the staff.  Will he re-sign with Cleveland next year?  Don't count on it.  When people CAN leave Cleveland, they almost always do.  The Tribe batters will not be the best in the American League this year, but should be good enough to win more games than they lose.  Finally, the Indians have the best manager in all of baseball!  Terry Francona got SOOOOOO much out of last years team, he WAS named Manager of The Year in the AL.  With this in mind, my guess is the team will be better than many and could sneak into the playoffs, but EVERYTHING rests on the pitching (as it always does in baseball).  Go Tribe!!!