A PINE TREE PLANTED IN GRIFFITH Park in Los Angeles has died.  This wasn't just any pine tree, this one was planted to honor the late George Harrison.  Yes, that George Harrison.  Why am I doing an obit for a tree?  The tree died because of a beetle infestation.  Yes beetle, not Beatle.  A new one will be planted.  The inscription on the plaque at the base of the tree reads..."In memory of a great humanitarian who touched the world as an artist, a musician and a gardener, 'For the Forest to be green, each tree must be green.'  The quiet beatle has been dead since 2001.

IF YOU'RE WANTING TO BAG A DEER, how about Avon Lake.  The animals have been destroying property in the city so the mayor has ok'd a plan to hunt them with a bow and arrow.  All you need is a couple permits, one from the state and one from the Avon Lake police department.  Fire when ready.

YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY YOU LIVE IN the good old USA.  An entire city in China is under quarantine.  All 30,000 people in Yumen can't get out and nobody is aloud in.  Why?  A man recently died of the bubonic plague, also known as the "Black Death".  This plague killed millions in the 14th century all over Europe.  Today we can treat the illness with drugs, but it could spiral out of control because it spreads quickly.

LET'S HEAR IT FOR CANADIAN Kyla Anne MacMillan.  Kyla and 2 of her best friends ran up a $160 bar bill and decided to drink and dash.  I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time, but our hero here forgot to dash WITH her purse.  When she went back to get it...well you know.  I may have an idea WHY she forgot her belongings.  The girls ordered a pitcher of beer, 23 shots including tequila and vodka, along with chicken wings and nachos.

WHILE I'M ON THE SUBJECT OF dumb criminals, how about Michael Harp of Kentucky.  He was hauled into jail for public intoxication and shoplifting beer.  Upon arrival at the Big House, the arresting officer told him he could make one call on his cellphone.  So he allegedly called Dominos and ordered 5 pies, to be billed to the captain on duty at the time...Coy Wilson.  The cops were not amused and charged Mikey with identity theft along with the larceny charge for the stolen brews.