A LITTLE WEEKEND HUMOR (at someone else's expense)....

A BRAIN SURGEON WHO doubles as an airport screener for the TSA told a man his drivers license from Washington, D.C. was no good because it was from a foreign country.  Now I understand Washington can be a goofy place, but this moron really thought Washington D.C. was a foreign country.  By the way, this guy works in Orlando, so if.....

A MICHIGAN WOMAN WAS TRYING TO "make a point" during a family argument and ended up shooting herself in the face.  During the spat, she grabbed a shotgun and slammed the butt-end onto the floor while "making the point."  The gun, of course, went off and shot her in the face.  No charges filed, and she's recouping in a Saginaw hospital.

STAY AWAY FROM "BACKPAGE.COM!  We told you on todays show that a massage parlor was raided yesterday in Tallmadge.  Who tipped off the fuzz?  Advertising on backpage.com.  Earlier this week 14 men and one woman were arrested for prostitution in a motel on Cleveland's west side.  Why?  Ads posted on backpage.com.  I'll bet the cops had a ball.

CBS IS STAYING OUT OF THE Washington Redskins controversy.  They have told all their announcers that use of the term "Redskins" is optional.  They can if they want to, but if they are not comfortable using the term...then don't.

IF YOU'RE A BEATLES NUT (I am), get ready for the first NEW Beatles film in 44 years.  Ron Howard is working on a documentary about the Fab Four that will concentrate on the years 1960 to 1966.  The film will highlight the bands touring.  Yea, yea, yea!

IF YOUR HAIR NEEDS A CUT, do it before you arrive in Alaska.  The most expensive haircut for men can be found in Kodiak.  How much?  26.67!  I would stick with my Beatle cut.

DON'T FORGET KIDZ DAY TOMORROW in Green, and join me on the radio Monday morning at 9am on 640 WHLO.  JIM