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I'll Bet You Didn't Know...

Posted May 20th, 2014 @ 1:12pm


That the Nevada State Board on Geographic Names said NO to naming a Lake Tahoe cove after Mark Twain.  It seems he used the term "digger tribe" to describe native Americans in his writing about a century ago.  That was a derogatory term used to describe western tribes who dug roots for food.

That Merriam-Webster has added over 150 new words to their dictionary, including "hashtag", "selfie", "tweep", "poutine" and "gamification".  Don't know the definition of these words?  Look it up!

That you can own your own historic mansion for as little as $1000!  Sound to good to be true?  Well, there IS a catch, you have to live in Detroit.  The city is begging for people to repopulate Motown, and with all of the abandoned property, the city is auctioning everything they can, including once grand homes that have fallen into disrepair.  So far, 5 old mansions have been sold.  Sounds like a great idea for urban pioneers.

That the Bureau of Labor Statistics has announced fewer kids are opting for a college education.  Last year's stats indicate the fewest number of enrollments since 2006.  Why?  The best guess is it's too expensive or young people are passing on college to get a job NOW, and waiting to continue their education.

That Peyton Manning was arrested.  It's true, only it wasn't THAT Peyton Manning.  This Peyton Manning is a woman who was busted for selling pot and cocaine in Nashville, Tennessee.

That a former advisor to Vladimir Putin says he wants to conquer Belarus, the Baltics and Finland.  Andrej Illarionov reports that his former boss feels he owns these countries (as well as parts of Georgia and Ukraine) and wants back what belongs to him.  Wow, now there's a flashback.


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