I KNOW THIS IS TRUE BECAUSE I READ it on the internet...

THERE IS A MAN IN FLORIDA WHO is protesting same sex marriage by filing a petition to allow him to marry his computer.  The judge who ruled on his petition said it was satire and dismissed the whole thing!  Our hero said he'll appeal.

AGAIN, IT'S TRUE.  POLICE ARE INVESTIGATING a man in Washington state who allegedly used his three children (all under the age of 10) to steal purses and diaper bags from other patrons at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.  He would hang out in the bathroom and have the kids bring their ill gotten gains to him for inspection.  How do we know this?  What do you think...surveillance cameras!

A REPUBLICAN IN NORTH CAROLINA WANTS TO be a state senator.  However there are those who don't think he would be a very good one.  It seems Steve Wiles left his previous profession to throw his hat in the political arena.  One of his big issues is same sex marriage.  I guess I should point out that his previous job was performing as a drag queen in a local gay bar...for 10 years!

ANYTIME YOU THINK AMERICAN sports fans are nuts, consider this...A man was killed at a soccer match in Brazil by a flying toilet!  A fight broke out in the stands and some fans ripped toilets from the wall in restrooms and threw them at the rioters.  By the way, Brazil is about to host the World Cup in a couple weeks.

OK...ONE MORE.  Four students at a middle school in Iowa conspired to bake pot cookies in their home economics class.  As they were about to enter the oven (the cookies, not the kids) a classmate blew their cover and they are now in ALL KINDS OF TROUBLE.  Oh these kids today.

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