SPENT THE WEEKEND IN PITTSBURGH AND HAD a ball.  I enjoy getting out of town once in a while and have found Pittsburgh to be a lot of fun (sorry Browns fans.)  Stayed at a great B&B in an old section of town.  The joint is an old mansion built in the 1800's.  The owners put almost $1 million getting the place up to par and they did a great job. 

I SWEAR THE FOLLOWING IS TRUE...A Harvard professor has invented a device called an oPhone.  What does it do?  Glad you asked.  It allows you to send pictures AND SCENTS.  You got it, smells, odors, etc.  Why do I get the feeling some people are REALLY going to get into this.  The oPhone let's you mix and match 32 basic scents to create more than 300,000 unique aromas.  Let your imagination run wild here.

I THINK I'LL JUST STOP EATING!  A study from Sweden found that the quickest way to take years off your life is eating processed red meat.  You got it, bacon, ham, lunch meat, hot dogs, etc.  Why will it kill you?  Heart failure.  Why is it the fun stuff is always bad for you? 

I MENTIONED ON TODAY'S SHOW the results of a survey conducted for The Wall Street Journal & NBC News.  Folks were asked who they think is the most admired president of the last 25 years.  I mentioned that Bill Clinton was the winner, but gave no specifics.  So here you go...Clinton at 42%, Barack Obama got 18%, George W Bush at 17% and the first Bush last with 16%.  Go figure.

THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Berkeley has discovered a hormone in our body that can slow down muscle wasting in the elderly, improve bone health and even fight obesity.  They're calling it the "cuddle hormone".  You simply get a hug from another person and it produces "oxytocin".  Scientists think this might be an answer to aging.  How about that, the more hugs, the longer you live.  Seems too easy.

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