A FUTURE FRIEND OF DR. BOB...Kimberly Micheloni of Colorado did something that is NOT easy to accomplish.  She received three 'driving under the influence' citations in one week!  She says she was on prescription drugs during all three arrests.  Apparently pharms in Colorado don't have any "do not operate a motor vehicle while on this medication' stickers.

WONDERFUL ROLE MODELS...Two parents in the Cincinnati area decided to settle a domestic dispute at a kindergarten graduation ceremony featuring cookies and PUNCH.  One person slugged another at the affair, leading to a knock down drag out fight among 20 people.  Soon everybody was pushing and shoving to either join the fight or to get out.  One man was arrested and more than a few kids wondered why the police showed up.  The school went into lockdown until order was restored.

BREAST CANCER CRITIC...A Seattle woman was not thrilled that a Susan Komen Race for the Cure event to raise money for cancer research moved along below her 5th floor apartment.  Cops were called when cat poop, garbage, a frozen chicken and even a container of some sort of green drink product came flying out of the woman's window.  Seems she worked the late shift the night before and didn't appreciate the hubbub below.  She DID explain that everything she heaved out the window was natural and harmless.  I see....

NEW YORK CITY TO THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS IN ONE HOUR...Could be the future.  Scientists in China are working on a magnetic levitation train that would travel as fast as 1,800 mph!  The train would shoot through a tube that reduces air resistance to almost nothing.  The train would be 3 times faster than a commercial jet.

DOPE OF THE DAY...Tommy Ray Morgan was already in trouble for robbing a Subway shop.  Thus the GPS ankle bracelet he wore while on supervised release.  Apparently he just couldn't help himself.  The Duluth, Minnesota man was an easy catch when he broke into a woman's home, smashed a glass vase over her head and ripped off credit cards, a cellphone and jewelry.  Wonder if they'll keep him in the lockup this time.