WE HAD A SPIRITED SHOW TODAY AND there were a few things I didn't get to, so...

DEION SANDERS, FORMER PROFESSIONAL football and baseball player appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show last night and told the world that every team that he played for in his Hall Of Fame career had gay players, and the whole team knew it!  This was (of course) a conversation about Michael Sam, who came out of the closet a few weeks ago and will be the first out gay player in the NFL.  Sanders also said that the players looked out for their gay teammates just like anybody else.  He also pointed out that most players didn't care, as long as the person could play.  Maybe the Sam firestorm will just go away.  We can only hope.

SPIKE LEE HAS RUFFELED A FEW FEATHERS because he's upset that his old neighborhood in Brooklyn has been gentrified (you know, cleaned up & rebuilt or restored).  I know that many bad neighborhoods have been improved, putting poor people out.  While housing for EVERYBODY is important in the USA, many of the god awful neighborhoods in the country have been restored.  To somehow say that keeping a neighborhood a dangerous dump just so poor people have a place to live is stupid.  By the way, if someone would like to gentrify a few neighborhoods in Akron, PLEASE DO!!!

A MAN IN TEXAS WAS ARRESTED FOR drunk driving and spent a night in jail as a result.  Why?  We'll lets see, he blew a .000000 on the magic booze machine but he had trouble standing on his head and spitting out nickels when the cop asked him to.  He's now filed a lawsuit against Austin police.  Let's hope he wins.

IF YOU ARE EVER TEMPTED TO ANSWER on of those "earn thousands of dollars while working at home" ads on the internet or maybe something you see on a phone pole...don't!!! A district court in Utah has frozen the assets of a number of these companies for lying to customers about the money they will earn.  You pay the company for the work at home kits (but it's all a con job).  Don't say I didn't warn you.

BIG SNOWSTORM COMING UP LATER this weekend so get everything done today or tomorrow and then just snuggle up & watch the snow fall on Sunday and Monday.  If I can make it through the snow, we'll talk on Monday at 9am on 640 WHLO.  JIM