I DIDN'T MAKE IT TO THE LeBron James welcome home party Friday evening, but I heard it was great!  As the Akron mayor mentioned, LeBron NEVER left Akron.  He has never given up on his hometown and proves it every day.  What he's doing with the kids of this town is nothing short of amazing.  He's got kids believing that an education is important!!!!  Work hard and it will pay off in the end.  He's letting local kids see that hard work does indeed pay off, in basketball, education and life.  I opened Sundays Akron Beacon Journal and read about a local millionaire who believes that he is entitled to property that was paid for by the taxpayers.  That's right, he is in court right now demanding that property that was paid for by you should belong to him.  Honest to gosh, look it up, it was right there on page one of The Akron Beacon Journal.  I really haven't heard of LBJ demanding anything from the taxpayers.  All he does is give back, and reminds me of the old school Akronites (like the Firestones, the Knights and many others) who believed that leaving a place better than it was when you arrived is the right thing to do.  LeBron really is the king and I'm so glad he's ours.  He makes me proud to say that Akron is my home and always will be.  Good luck LeBron and thanks for caring.