WANDERING ALL OVER THE INTERNET, I came across a headline that I thought was incorrect.  It read "Oregon Republicans Endorse Gay Marriage."  WHAT?  Well it's somewhat correct.  The GOP in Oregon had a get together this past weekend (it's called The Dorchester Conference, their CPAC maybe?)  Anyway the attendees voted 233-162 in favor of a measure legalizing gay marriage.  That's like 2 to 1.  So what's going on here.  I'll tell you...social conservatives boycotted the shindig.  Apparently this gathering has a history of taking more liberal stances, so the most conservative Republicans didn't even vote.  I knew something smelled fishy.

IF YOU TRAVEL WEST MARKET STREET during the day, be advised, West Market will be closed for sewer repair work this Thursday and probably Friday between Twin Oaks and Rose Blvd.  Weather might delay this work, but don't say I didn't warn you.

WE DO LOVE THE INDEPENDENCE OF our automobiles, but a recent government report says we are using more and more public transportation.  Lets see, what might be causing this...hmmmm...I got it....$3.69 for a gallon of gas, and it's not even spring yet.

WITH THE MESS THAT IS THE FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI power plant in Japan, this might NOT surprise you.  On the 3rd anniversary of the disaster, the Japanese people said overwhelmingly..NO MORE NUKES (or something like that).  80% of those polled said "Scrap some or ALL of the existing nuclear reactors in the country."  I guess you just have to be there.

TAKE A BOW OHIO...WE'RE IN THE bottom 10 of another poll.  We in the Buckeye are ahead of only 6 other states when it comes to exercising.  Who's fatter than us?  Tennessee, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Alabama, West Virginia and Delaware.  We'll just have to try harder.

ENJOY THE SPRINGLIKE WEATHER TODAY and the winter like weather tomorrow, and join me Wednesday at 9am on 640 WHLO.  JIM