I MENTIONED ON TODAY'S PROGRAM that Petco was no longer going to sell Chinese made dog jerky treats.  It's about time!  I stopped buying that stuff over a year ago.  My question was WHY doesn't the US government ban the importing of this garbage that has been killing dogs by the thousands over the last 7 years.  I found the answer!  While these Chinese "treats" seem to be the one item that all the dead and sick animals have in common, the FDA has not been able to pinpoint the exact cause.  Two cheers for Petco, for taking the matter into their own hands.  Let's hope others follow suit.

THE BOYS AND GIRLS IN COLUMBUS are considering a law that would make it illegal for school districts to question property valuations.  In other words, if your home or business is valued at less than it's true value, the schools in your town will just have to suck it up.  Bottom line here, another nail in the coffin of public education in The Buckeye.

THE NEXT PERSON THAT UTTERS the phrase "God hates Cleveland" should be fed a bar of soap.  With the Cavaliers getting the number one pick in next months NBA draft, God LOVES Cleveland.  The chances of the Cavs getting the top pick were next to nothing.  (They had a 1.7% chance of winning the lottery.)  So somebody is looking out for C-Town...and with the Browns getting Johnny Football...I rest my case.  The problem in Cleveland is the owners and general managers of all the pro teams.

THE PEW RESEARCH PEOPLE RELEASED poll results concerning what we want in a President.  I'll let you know what "we the people" told them on tomorrow mornings program.  JIM