THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING...Sorry, but I am NOT paying attention to the World Cup (soccer).  I however seem to be in the minority.  ABC announced the ratings for the games involving the USA team, and it's stunning.  In 2006 the games on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2 drew 2 million viewers.  In 2012 the audience grew to 2.9 million.  The match with Portugal on Sunday drew 4.3 million.  Sunday's match also drew the largest non football viewership in the history of ESPN.  Looks like America has found a new pastime.  See story below....

SPENCER COLLINS IS A 9 YEAR OLD book lover.  His mother is a school teacher.  Spencer decided to give his mom a Mothers Day gift.  The gift was to open a take one, return one library (also known as a "Little Free Library") in his front yard.  Mom thought it was a wonderful idea and Spencer's grandpa helped him build a cabinet to house the books.  All was well until officials in Leawood, Kansas decided that it is illegal to have a free standing structure in a single family home's front yard.  The family relented, in order to avoid a fine.  Are you kidding me?

HERE IN THE BUCKEYE, 22 Year old Samuel Onyenweaku, a nurses aid at a nursing home in Cincinnati, was found guilty in court of raping a 92 year old woman!  Charged with rape, felonious assault and patient abuse, he faces 20 years in prison.  20 years is a long time, but I'm thinking maybe 40 or 50 years.  Anyone mistreating another human, let alone a 92 year old woman, really deserves so much more time.

A MASSACHUSETTS MAN AND WOMAN are fighting over The World Cup and NASCAR (honest).  The woman called police to complain that her neighbor called her and criticized her for making a racket while watching the soccer.  The man also complained that she was taking jobs away from Americans (apparently she is a native of South America).  The man also complained that her racket was drowning out his ability to hear Lynyrd Skynyrd and the race on TV.  The man did not make any direct threat but did call her a few choice names (don't ask).

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