THE LATEST ONLINE TREND IS BUYING A life-sized cut-out of your favorite celebrity, and then posting pictures with your cardboard companion on line.  This crazy trend first started earlier this year and has apparently picked up steam.  You can buy (online of course) most any celebrity you'd like to be seen with.  So far, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper are popular.

A TEENAGER RECENTLY CAME OUT to his family (as being gay) and was promptly physically and emotionally abused by his family.  He was then disowned.  His story ended up on video and went viral.  As a result, David Pierce set up a crowdfunding website in an attempt to live on his own and restart his life (virtually all of his belongings were taken by his parents).  He's received $90,000 so far and has announced that was way more than he needed, so he is giving much of the cash to the Lost-n-Found Youth organization, a group that helps homeless LGBTQ teens.

TWO MEN HAVE SPENT THE LAST 30 years of their life in prison for a rape and murder that they DID NOT commit.  The two mentally challenged brothers immediately said their confessions were coerced and they were innocent.  What freed them?  You got it...DNA.  Henry McCollum has been on death row for 30 years and his brother was serving a life sentence.  They are now free at the ages of 50 and 46.  Shouldn't SOMEONE have to pay for this miscarriage of justice?

THIS JUST MIGHT BE THE STUPIDEST person on the planet.  A Utah man entered a Subway restaurant and told the cashier he had a gun and wanted all the money in the cash register.  The employee told the stick-up bonehead to wait and she went into the back of the store, and never returned.  So the would-be robber left.  The next stop was a Family Dollar store.  Same thing (with a twist).  The clerk asked the bandit to wait while they assisted other customers.  So the screwball waited a while, became agitated and left.  Police say "don't try this at home".  Some bandits will just start shooting.

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