ANIMALS ARE SMARTER THAN PEOPLE?  A cat moved with it's owners from one side of Portland, Oregon to the other, along with other family pets.  One cat apparently didn't like the new digs, so "George", a two year old tabby, decided to return to the only home he ever knew, the family's old house...12 miles away!  I'll just bet "George" didn't use a GPS unit.

IT'S CLOSER THAN DENVER.  New York state is about to approve medical marijuana, but you can't smoke it!  Pill form only.  Don't bogart that pill my friend, pass it over to me.

A SILENT HARLEY?  Yup!  Harley Davidson has unveiled it's first ever electric motorcycle.  While I am not a biker, I know part of the fun of a Harley is the roaring thunder from the muffler.  That means a SILENT hog.  You might try a baseball card in the spokes, that always worked for me on my Schwinn.

WELCOME TO THE 50s.  On average 83% of women do MOST of the cleaning at home.  Also on average, women spend one hour with "physical care" (bathing, feeding, etc) while men spend about 26 minutes.  Other household chores...49% women,  19% men.  These ARE the good old days.

DONALD STERLING MUST BE NUTS.  The owner of the LA Clippers allegedly left threatening voicemails for his wife's attorney.  Reports are he threatened the lawyer with death.  Would someone PLEASE tell the Donald to just SHUT UP!!!!

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