A MAN IS DIVORCING HIS WIFE because she refuses to stop gambling on line...all day every day.  She ignores the kids, doesn't cook, doesn't clean and apparently isn't putting out either.  She also neglected to give their daughter much needed medication because she also couldn't be bothered to get the child vaccinated.  Sounds like she has a problem.

A POLICE OFFICER IN INDIANAPOLIS got the munchies while driving his police car, and decided to stop by the White Castle drive thru, while off duty.  I guess I should mention he turned on his cruisers lights while in line (just for fun) and was drunk at the time.  Apparently it's not the first time this first responder has had issues with drinking and driving.  He's looking for a new job.

AN ILLINOIS MAN DECIDED TO ROB A convenience store while sporting a rather unusual disguise.  He wore a CLEAR plastic bag over his face and another bag over his hand.  They still don't know if he had a gun, but everyone at the store knows exactly what he looks like.  While the cops haven't captured him yet, his likeness is everywhere in the St. Louis area.

A MAN IN PARMA WAS SUFFERING SEIZURES and 9-1-1 was called.  When the two EMS responders arrived, the seizures had ended.  Meantime a couple Parma police officers arrived.  The man was disoriented and confused.  He climbed onto his bed and the EMS techs tackled him to the ground.  At this point one of the police officers used his tazer on the man 12 times.  All of this is according to a lawsuit filed this week in Cuyahoga County.  The suit also says that the cops thought the man was on drugs at the time.  Love those tazers, no home should be without one.

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