ON THURSDAY MORNING AT 9:05 I will talk with Dr. Tim Novelli, who has been providing care for our vets through the program "OUR HEROES DON'T WEAR CAPES".  If you care about our returning soldiers and sailors you won't want to miss this interview.  A huge event will take place on Wednesday August 6, 2014 and we'll talk all about it.  If this sounds good to you, visit www.patriot-project.org.

WHILE YOU'RE PROBABLY DONE WITH the return of LeBron James (at least until the season starts) I've got a few thoughts about the Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and "The King" himself.  Having heard about the conversation between the two before "Decision 2.0", I've got to say I'm very impressed with both men.  In case you missed it (I don't know how you could have) Gilbert flew to Miami to meet up with James, and they sat down like two grown men and proceeded to apologize to one another for the "letter" and "Decision 1.0".  It seems (as I suspected) that LeBron and Gilbert both regretted what happened 4 years ago.  They buried the hatchet and away we go.  Say what you will about both, they impressed me with their ability to give and take responsibility for the mess created in 2010.  If we could get our political parties and their reps to sit down with each other and TALK, I think the USA would be in a much better state.  Congratulations to both men.  Can't wait for the season to start this fall.