DONALD STERLING, OWNER of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers has changed his mind about selling the team for 2 billion dollars.  Instead he's decided to sue the league for...BILLIONS.

WHEN CEDAR POINT CLOSED for the weekend because of a broken water line in Sandusky, the workers must have waaaaaay to much time on their hands.  Sandusky police were called to the housing area of the Point on Sunday and arrested 16 workers for rioting and disorderly conduct.

ANOTHER REASON TO EITHER blow up the entire Mideast or get the hell out.  Five NATO service members were killed in southern Afghanistan.  All five were Americans and were killed by friendly fire.

THE LATEST ON THE BOWE Bergdahl mess.  His father has shaved his beard after telling the media he started growing it when his son was takes hostage.  Another report indicates that Bowe is no longer speaking to his parents or his sister.  And the beat goes on.

A NORTH CAROLINA MAN was trying to blow his nose while smoking a cigarette and ended up burning his house down...honest!  No name for this Einstein, but his cigarette caught his tissue on fire and he tried stomping it out, but failed.  The fire spread and well you know.  Dumbest person on the planet?  Yea, I think so.

AS DISCUSSED ON TODAYS show, a caller suggested turning the Rubber Bowl into a racino.  You'd have to blow it up first!

JOIN ME TOMORROW MORNING at 9am and I'll tell you about a 6 year old kid who was suspended at school for being honest...honest!  This is one that will make your head spin.  JIM