YOU HAVE PROBABLY HEARD THAT TIGER Woods has undergone back surgery and will miss the Masters golf tournament in Georgia.  Like him or not he's the biggest draw in professional golf.  So will he be at Firestone later this summer?  The answer is "probably".  His people say if all goes well, he'll be back in action sometime by early summer. Whew!

POOR CHRISTOPHER MILLER.  THIS GUY had just finished serving a 15 year jail term for robbing a Stride Rite store in Toms River, New Jersey.  Upon his release on Friday, our hero took a bus back to his hometown (Toms River) and on Saturday he went back to the same store.  Was he there to beg for forgiveness?  Maybe buy some shoes?  Nah, he went back to Stride Rite and robbed it AGAIN!  Some crazy things happen in NJ, but a local cop said he had never seen something like this in his 25 years of service.  Maybe robbing stores is like quitting cigarettes, very hard to do.

WHEN I WAS COMING UP IN THE CATHOLIC Church, the priests lived a very modest lifestyle.  No heated dog houses, they didn't drive expensive cars, shopped at the same stores we did, etc.  Apparently things have changed.  Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory had a different idea about that "vow of poverty."  After purchasing a mansion for $2.2 million dollars, some folks were somewhat upset.  After the criticism became a huge problem, the priest said OK...I'll sell it if you really want me to.  They did and he will.

WHILE YOUR SURFING THE NET TODAY, look for the x-ray of the tree trimmer in Pittsburgh who allowed his chainsaw get away from him.  It kicked back and ended up IN HIS NECK...and lived to tell about it.  Doctors say it came within a centimeter of striking a major artery.  Wonder if he has a different outlook on life today?

HEY, OUR BUDDY DICK CHANEY WAS TALKING the other day and had some interesting things to say.  I'll talk about it tomorrow morning at 9am on 640 WHLO.  Jim