REPORTS INDICATE THAT CONGRESS is no better at singing than they are at running the country.  I didn't see or hear it, but many congressmen from both the House and Senate held hands and sang "We Shall Overcome" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Some said this was the most awkward thing to ever happen in Washington.  When you consider all the BS that happens in DC, this must have been a real train wreck.  Donkeys and elephants can't do anything together.

THE WEATHER THIS PAST WINTER has hit you in the pocketbook, even though you don't know it.  The Ohio Court of Claims announced yesterday that 256 people have sued the state for damage caused by potholes (chuckholes?).  The most in history (and it's only June.)  Roughly half of all complaints will get a payback, and the average payout is usually around $600.

I'M SURPRISED IT TOOK THIS LONG!  A company in The Netherlands has created an E-Cig for marijuana use.  You simply fill the thing with liquid dope and puff 'til you can't see straight.  No aroma and no contact high.

MENTIONED THIS ON TODAYS SHOW, but didn't really get to the facts.  A Connecticut man showed up for a monthly meeting with his probation officer smelling of marijuana.  The officer asked about it and was told "I'm not a fool" & "I did not bring drugs into the court."  However, the nose knows and a patdown produced 19 bags of pot, all in his left sock.  How did this guy even walk!

HOW ABOUT THAT, TWO STORIES about dope.  Don't know if pot has anything to do with this story, but it should.  A woman in Memphis, Tennessee has been banned from the local zoo for climbing the fence into the lion cage and feeding the animals cookies.  According to zoo patrons, she would also sing to the beasts.  If not dope, then what.  Actually, it's amazing that this lady survived the whole thing.