A MAN IN RONKS, PENNSYLVANIA is facing charges because of a drive by shooting.  This is not your average drive by.  Timothy Diggs Jr. has been charged with reckless endangerment, a weapons offense and cruelty to animals.  Yea that's right...cruelty to animals!  Seems when he shot at the Amish buggy, he killed the horse.

IT MUST REALLY SUCK TO BE RICH.  A recent poll conducted for American Express Publishing and the Harrison Group found that only 33% of rich folks want others to KNOW they're rich.  Three years ago the number was 53%  People are worried about being scorned for being in the top part of the economy.

ANOTHER CELEBRITY HAS DIED.  RALPH WAITE, John Walton on the CBS series "The Waltons" died yesterday at the age of 86.  He also starred in the movie "21 Hill"  That was the flick filmed in the Akron area about the Soap Box Derby.  I will deny I ever typed this, but I enjoyed The Waltons TV show back in the 1970's.

WE WERE TALKING ABOUT THE WATER shortage out west the other day, and I wondered if the future wasn't making salt water drinkable (after all we have oceans of it).  Well it's already being done!  Israel has been doing it for years and California is moving full speed ahead to do the same.  Isn't science wonderful?

BELGIUM HAS PASSED A LAW TO ALLOW terminally ill children of any age to die by euthanasia.  They are the first in the world to allow such a thing.  See, stop the world...I want off.

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