WE SPOKE THIS MORNING ABOUT A COMMENTARY online by former Fox News contributor Sally Kohn.  She is a liberal who wrote positive things about the conservative folks she worked with at Fox.  Sean Hannity, Karl Rove, etc.  If you would like to read it, here is a link www.csmonitor.com.

DIDN'T GET TO THIS STORY SO I'LL MENTION it here.  The Associated Press is reporting that "the worlds top finance officials" are reporting that the world economy has finally turned the corner after the "Great Recession."  I believe this is subjective!  If YOU have a good job, yes the economy is better.  If your stuck in a low paying job or have no job at all, not so much.

EVEN THOUGH THE HEAD OF THE WESTBORO Baptist church bought the farm almost a month ago, his fellow screwballs are very much alive.  In a flyer published online, the WBC will be sending protesters to Alaska to march against native Alaskans.  Apparently the Westboobs believe that "God hates your idols."  They're also not to thrilled about the distinct cultures and diverse population in the state.  A counter protest is planned.

AS WE MENTIONED ON TODAY'S SHOW, 23 year old Daniel Athens has been fined $4000 and will spend a year and a half in prison.  Why?  He took a wiz on the Alamo!  Don't forget Daniel!!!!