CONGRATULATIONS CLEVELAND!  We got LeBron, We got LeBron!!  OK...just kidding.  But we DID get the Republican National Convention in 2016.  At least that was the recommendation of the search committee.  As you may know, Cleveland was up against Dallas for the honor of hosting the event.  No matter what your political party, this really is good news for northeastern Ohio.  Not just the dollars visitors will spend while here, but also some (hopefully positive) PR for the area.  Being a native, I am well aware of all the burning river stories, former Mayor Perk lighting his hair on fire with a torch, Cleveland's rep as being the biggest loser when it comes to sports, the weather sucks, girls held captive for 10 years, blah blah blah.  However, everybody who is anybody in the world of politics will be here for the convention (news people, talking heads, network honchos and many many people who have never been here.)  Cleveland has a lot to offer, and these visitors will hopefully learn that. Tremont, R&R Hall of Fame, great restaurants and friendly people, hopefully a breeze off the lake, boating, etc.  I really never thought C-town had a chance, but HEY! LOOK AT US NOW.  We have two years to plan for this national event, so lets make sure Jose Mesa, Red Right 88, taking talents elsewhere and all torches are nowhere to be found.