I MENTIONED THIS BRIEFLY ON THE RADIO this morning, but I want to give you "The Rest of The Story".  According to a report from the University of Indiana, 28% of journalists identify as Democrats, while only 7% claim to be Republicans.  This would seem to imply that there is a liberal bias in American media.  However, more than half of reporters questioned said they have NO political affiliation.  We just need to make sure the majority keep an eye on the 35% minority!

I CAME ACROSS A STORY CONCERNING reasons for infidelity in a marriage.  I must admit I was surprised at what I read.  Think about it and I'll let you know on Thursday's program starting at 9am.

HERE'S SOMETHING ELSE YOU WILL FIND amazing...I promise.  A hot trend among graduating college coeds is "forget hunting for a job."  Brobible dot com is reporting that some enterprising young women are NOT looking for a job, but rather a sugar daddy...honest...they admit it!  Some juicy quotes..."Why drive a Mitsubishi when you can drive a Porsche".  How about this "I have a fancier lifestyle, I'm not going to downgrade to some college boy who buys dollar beers."  Finally "I grew up with money.  I'm not a poor person.  My parents still give me money, but only a certain allowance."  Their parents must be so proud.  I'll have more about this tomorrow morning from 9am 'til noon on 640 WHLO.

EVEN THOUGH THE GEORGIA LEGESLATURE recently passed a law allowing citizens to carry guns almost everywhere, Jeff Wooten must have missed the story.  This Georgia numbskull decided to rob a Waffle House with a pitchfork!  You can't make this stuff up.  I'll let you know how he fared tomorrow morning on 640 WHLO.  Talk to you on Thursday.  JIM