IF YOU EVER LOCK YOUR KEYS IN THE CAR, don't call 9-1-1!!!  A Denver woman is learning that the hard way, although she also fabricated a story when she called.  Here are the facts...Woman locks keys in car...woman then calls 9-1-1 and tells the dispatcher that her child is also locked in the car...police and fire rescue rush to the scene and find NO CHILD IN THE CAR, just the keys...woman then explains she knew help would arrive faster if she reported a kid in the car...she was probably right.  However our hero is now facing charges for misuse of an emergency telephone.  Don't know how much that will cost her, but I've got to believe a Triple A membership would have been the way to go.  By the way, police new the address of the woman because apparently she's done this sort of thing before.  Hope there wasn't a REAL emergency while this self absorbed b*#ch was playing her games!

DON'T KNOW IF YOU CAN TAKE THIS to the bank, but I read over the weekend that a major problem with our economy is college grads carrying too much debt.  The theory goes, grads are paying off choking student loans instead of buying cars, houses and (I guess dishwashers).  Who knows.

THINGS COULD GET MUCH WORSE BEFORE they get better.  A Swedish newspaper talked with one of Vladimir Putins' old walkin' around guys, and he said that Putin wants back what he says belongs to him...parts of Georgia, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Finland and Belarus.  Can you say WWIII.

I'M GOING OUT TO ENJOY THE SUNSHINE (after all it could end tomorrow).  Let's talk tomorrow morning at 9am on 640 WHLO.  JIM