HE'S BAAAAACK...ALMOST!  Toronto mayor Rob Ford is out of rehab and will return to City Hall on June 30.  He has also asked the city to change back the locks to his office.  It seems the city changed the locks when the screwball went into rehab.  Don't really know if they were changed to keep HIM out or to protect the crack and alcohol HE had stored there.  One thing is for sure, not too many people want him back.  One councilman said "Ever since his departure, things have been calm."  Councilman Kristyn Wong-Tam also said "There is a lot of business being conducted."  Civility has also reportedly returned to Toronto City Hall.  Imagine that, politicians doing the peoples work!

UP IN TOLEDO A REPUBLICAN PARTY organizational meeting turned into a brawl last week.  As a result, congressional candidate Richard May is suspending his campaign activities.  May said "The physical confrontations and acts of uncivility are embarrassing to Toledo, the GOP and the conservative movement.  I condemn these thug tactics."  Imagine that, a politician ashamed of anything!!!

AND NOW A MOMENT OF SANITY.  THAT WWII B-24 LIBERATOR AIRPLANE is on the ground at Akron Fulton International Airport and is open for tours all this week.  If you would like to take a ride in it, visit www.airpowertour.org.  It's a pricey flight but it could also be a once in a lifetime flight.  Only 2 of these things are still flying.  The flights will take place on Saturday and Sunday only.

NEXT TIME YOU NEED AN attorney, remember this....A Florida lawyer missed her client's court date because her adversary (the prosecutor) implanted a microchip in her brain and has taken control of her...really.  When the judge, somewhat surprised, ask if there was indeed a microchip in her brain, she responded "Yes, in the area of my left ear."  Alright then.  She also said the prosecutor is using the implant to torture her.  Alright then again.  Apparently this is not the first time Janice Jennings has displayed strange behavior, but she is still practicing law.Now I ask you, If the judge was surprised, how do you suppose the defendant was feeling?

APPARENTLY IT WAS A SLOW NEWSDAY at USA Today.  After much research the paper figured out that men are more involved with car repairs than women.  Huh, I'd a never thunk it!

HAVE A GREAT DAY and stay cool.  Talk to you in the morning on 640 WHLO.