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Posted April 14th, 2014 @ 1:26pm

WE GOT INTO A LIGHT CONVERSATION today about each state in the USA having it's own official tree, fruit, song, etc.  Some of my callers didn't do well at recognizing Ohio's official things.  So don't say I never taught you anything...

OHIO'S OFFICIAL WILDFLOWER is the White Trillium...our State Amphibian is the Spotted Salamander...our State Gemstone is the glorious Ohio you didn't know that we have a state frog, well we do, and it's the you may have learned this morning, our state insect is the Ladybug.  Now, you may ask, do we have an official state beverage?  Well of course we do, it's Tomato Juice (by the way, our state fruit is the Tomato).  If you've read this far, you probably want to know that our state NATIVE fruit is the Pawpaw.  Now for the stuff you probably know,  Bird - Cardinal...Song - Beautiful Ohio...state reptile - the Black Racer Snake...state mammal - White Tailed Deer and finally our state flag is the Burgee.  What you may not know is Ohio has the only state flag that is not rectangular in shape.  You may remember Sean Hannity thought the white "O" on our flag stood for Obama!  Now you know better!

HAVE A GREAT DAY AND JOIN me tomorrow morning from 9am until noon on 640 WHLO.  JIM

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