WE ANNOUNCED ON TODAYS SHOW THAT BOB Earley is coming to 640 WHLO.  The Rockin' on the River guy will host a new LIVE show on 640 every Sunday night at 6pm.  It'll be four hours of fun for new listeners and those who remember Bob from his days at the Kent station.  We also announced that I will be off the air for the next three days and Bob will fill in.  So welcome him to his new home on 640 WHLO.  Our on air line, if you would like to say hello is 866-600-0640.  Go Bob go.

ALSO ON TODAYS PROGRAM, I mentioned that an excavating company in Norwalk, Ohio started breaking ground for a new Huron County building.  I also mentioned that you wouldn't believe what they found.  The problem is I never told you what they found!  I'm a dummy.  So here goes.  Just a few feet below the surface the workers found human remains.  Experts in the area believe the bones are several hundred years old.  Apparently the site for the new building was a cemetery at one time, but the graves were unmarked.  The remains have been sent to the University of Toledo and are being analyzed by paleontologists.  Officials knew of an old cemetery nearby and took care to make sure that wasn't disturbed.  It's not known if that cemetery was at one time a part of the remains found at the building site.

I"LL TALK TO YOU ON MONDAY MORNING from 9am until noon on 640 WHLO.  Later...JIM