In America we size clothing using vanity sizes, such as petite, so that potential buyers will feel better about themselves.  There is a company in Japan that apparently doesn't worry about how a buyer feels about themselves.  Can you imagine a shopper in the U.S. asking where they could find the 'fat' or 'jumbo' sizes.  Me either! Couldn't happen here.

That people who work in Human Resources really DO have feelings.  According to "The Atlantic", people who deliver bad news to employees suffer both physically and emotionally as a result.  HR folks have a high rate of ulcers, headaches, heart problems, high blood pressure, disturbed sleep and other maladies.  So while you aren't thrilled about being fired, the HR worker isn't enjoying it much either.

Ashley Madison, the website that helps married people cheat on their spouse, announced results of a survey last week and I must admit I was surprised at the results.  The AM people asked members if they had a religious affiliation, and the overwhelming majority said YES!  The breakdown?  25.1% said they were evangelicals, 22.7 reported they were Protestant, 22.75 are Catholic.  On the other hand, only 1.6% are Mormons, 1.5% are Muslim and 1.4% are Jewish.  Some reported no religion at all, such as Agnostic at 2% and Atheist at 1.4%.  I don't know what this means but it IS interesting.

An Ohio man is being sued by his ex girlfriend.  She's also suing a hospital and a former hospital employee.  Why?  Glad you asked.  The 20 year old woman tested positive for syphilis at the University of Cincinnati hospital, and her ex asked a friend who worked there, why she was being treated and what were the results (apparently she wouldn't share that info with her beau.)  The boyfriend then posted the whole story on Facebook and...well you get it!  The worker (also being sued) lost his job while the hospital is also facing at a major lawsuit.  Hospital workers are supposed to keep all personal information private.

A wealthy New York City playboy thought he was living the dream.  He picked up not one, but two babes at an upscale New York club.  After the three returned to his Gramercy Place pad, the girls ripped of their clothes and showered together.  About this time the dude is probably ready for an evening of naughty fun.  The girls fixed him a cocktail and that's the last thing he remembers.  When he awoke 12 hours later, he'd been robbed blind.  Missing among other things...a $10,000 Rolex watch, his Mac laptop, $800 sunglasses, his I phone and over $10,000 cash.  I could go on but space here is limited.  By the way, his brother lived with him and was also robbed blind (the bro was also home at the time).  The moral of the story?  If it seems to good to be true, IT IS!!!

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