YOU CAN'T PICK YOUR FAMILY, but I've got to believe there are people who wish they could.  Jillian Knight was working at a Steak On A Stone restaurant in suburban Cleveland in 2010.  At that time she allegedly told her co-workers that her son had been diagnosed with lung cancer.  The co-workers organized a benefit for the child.  Other businesses did the same.  According to police, she quit her job shortly before the benefit, and nobody could find her after the benefit.  People wondered what was up and called the cops.  Police contacted a source who told them the child suffered from asthma, nothing else.  It took some time, but she was charged with misdemeanor theft when located in Columbus.  Some of the money collected DID go for cancer research, so it wasn't all bad.

ISRAEL HAS AN INTERESTING PROBLEM on it's hands.  Since the country was founded in 1948, it has exempted ultra orthodox Jews from serving in the military (everybody else MUST serve in the armed forces).  This was established to allow the ultra orthodox to pursue religious studies.  However, secular Israelis say the ultra orthodox are not pulling their own weight, and believe they too should serve.  This ought to be very interesting.

GUESS WHAT, IF YOU THINK GAS IS expensive now, just wait.  The feds want to cut sulfur levels in gasoline.  The petroleum refiners group said this will raise the price at the pump.  Meanwhile Dr. Albert Rizzo, former chairman of the American Lung Association contends reducing pollutants would bring relief to people suffering from asthma and lung diseases as well as cardiovascular disease.  Let the battle begin!