CEDAR POINT IS OFFERING FREE admission this weekend to all military members.  The program is called the "Stars and Stripes Celebration."  All active, retired and honorably discharged members of the US military will receive free admission to the park through this Sunday.  Just Cedar Points way of saying "Thanks for your service."

IF YOU'RE A FACEBOOKER AND ENJOY letting the whole world know how happy you are with your significant other...STOP IT!!!  A recent survey says that most people hate you for it.  You might try toning down all that lovey dovey stuff next time your on line.

THIS ONE ENDED JUST FINE. In Joplin, Missouri, a soldier and his bride were celebrating their official wedding this week after their first nuptials turned out to be a quickie because he was sent to Afghanistan to serve his country.  During the reception someone spotted a dude helping himself to cash and prizes from a table in the lobby of the wedding hall.  The groom, his brother and his father took off after the guy while calling police.  It's probably good that the cops got to the guy before the groom did.  He's still in one piece but is facing charges of trespassing, larceny and resisting arrest.

THE LATEST INFO ON CARS THAT go without a driver (in some cases) is...you'll probably be able to buy one by NEXT year.  The San Francisco company that will make the Cruise RP-1 says the new vehicle will most likely be ready for you in late 2015.

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