SAW A STORY THIS MORNING THAT made me go WHAT!  According to LiveScience, men are much more likely to leave a wife who is suffering from a serious illness (stroke, cancer, etc).  If the husband is ill, the wife will stick it out.  I'll have more on this tomorrow morning.

YOU MAY RECALL WE TALKED A FEW weeks ago about men being very different today than men of yesteryear.  Some call it the wussification of American men.  Our discussion concerned baseball players who take time off to attend the birth of their children.  The latest story reports that men are now having "baby showers".  While I think this has nothing to do with anything other than guys having another reason to get together to tip a few, I'll look for your opinion on Tuesday's show.

A PAIR OF STATE REPS IN COLUMBUS (one Democrat & one Republican) are pushing for the elimination of "preferred lists" by auto insurance companies.  You have a right to take your vehicle to any shop you prefer.  The way it works now, insurance companies want you to get aftermarket parts, but if your body man wants to factory parts, he runs the risk of being dropped from those "preferred lists".  Body shops don't like this and they have been complaining to the pols in Columbus about the practice.  It should be interesting to see who has more pull here....the insurance companies or the body shops.  We'll discuss this tomorrow morning at 9am.

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