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Hillary Clinton's Pick For VP Is In!

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton's choice for running mate. The 58-year old Kaine is a former governor of Virginia and was also the mayor of Richmond. Clinton and Kaine will hold a...
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Weekend Fun

THE ANNUAL KIDZ DAY TAKES PLACE Saturday at Boettler Park in Green. Hours are 11 am 'til 5 pm. Kids can visit with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Rockin' Robots, Paw Patrol and much more....
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WATCH: Jon Stewart Took Over Stephen Colbert's Desk

Jon Stewart returned to TV and took over Stephen Colbert's desk on the Late Show
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Megyn Kelly: Too Sexy For The RNC?

Megyn Kelly  is taking some serious heat for her wardrobe choice at this year's Republican National Convention. Her sleeveless, low cut top sent social media users into...
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WATCH: Fight Almost Breaks Out At RNC Media Center

A fight between The Young Turks and conspiracy lunatic, Alex Jones almost broke out in the media area. 
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MUST SEE: Employee's Two Week Notice To Terrible Boss Goes Viral

The man abruptly quit his job and left this note for his boss. What it said sent quite the message. My two week notice.
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Teacher Kicks Out Girl With Shaved Head. Then Her Mom Turns On The Computer And Is Shocked!

The teacher told 9-year-old Kamryn to come back when she had hair. But Mom wasn't going to let this go...
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WATCH: Mom Defends "Off-Grid Parenting" And Breastfeeding Her 5-Year-Old

These parents refuse modern medicine, traditional schooling and still breastfeed their 5-year-old.
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Meet The Nigerian Girl Who Lives In A Bowl

Meet The Nigerian Girl Who Lives In A Bowl Wow... despite the extremely challenging life she was born into.. she is SO positive and inspiring. A lesson in gratitude for ALL of us. Read...
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What Happens When Someone Totally Kills Your Vibe

A little girl sings her heart out until her younger brother totally ruins her moment in the spotlight.
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