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Stan Stories For Friday

DID YOU KNOW IT'S LEGAL IN Georgia to take photos up a woman's skirt? Loopholes baby, loopholes! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL ABOUT paying a fee because you have a security system at your home? THERE...
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2014 Ice Bucket Challenge Funds Important ALS Discovery

The Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014 has led to an important discovery in research into ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The ALS Association said today the social media campaign of people...
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Dramatic Video of Kids Running To A Police Officer In A Gunfight

Shocking video of a HERO cop's dramatic rescue was caught on camera as he races into a gunfight to save a mother and her kids. I saw this and had to post. I didn't breathe the entire time....
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If Walmart Sends You This Check In The Mail, Throw It Away ASAP!

If you receive a large check in the mail from Walmart, immediately throw it away according to reports! It is most likely part of a new holiday season shopping scam! Thousands of Americans...
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Jilted Wife Sends Very Detailed Letter Of Her Husband Cheating To The Entire Neighborhood And It’s Glorious

The below letter (& link) was dispersed throughout an entire neighborhood, outing a man and a woman who were cheating on their partners. The letter ended up in the hands of the dudes over...
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Latino Teen Perfectly Responds To Dentist Who Didn't Think He Earned A Place At Stanford

Being accepted to a college like Stanford is an accomplishment by any standard. For Guillermo Pomarillo, it meant everything. In a Facebook post addressed to the dentist, he tells how things...
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Wounded Vet Order Pizza To His Hospital Room and Gets An Unexpected Note

A wounded veteran being treated at the hospital was starving, so he ordered some food from Domino's. When it arrived, the deliveryman brought it in, set it down, and walked out. It was only when...
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What One Woman Was Wearing Caused Steve Harvey To Run Off Stage

When Steve Harvey saw what this woman was wearing, he walked straight off the stage.
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WATCH: Man Approaches Cop During A Traffic Stop With An Unbelieveable Request.

A routine traffic stop suddenly took an unimaginable turn when the man the cop pulled over approached him with a shocking request.
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Woman Posed In A Wedding Dress That's Up For Sale...Watch When She Turns To The Camera

Pay close attention to the front of her skirt.
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