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Stories I Missed On Todays Show

SOMEONE WAS SMOKING IN A ROOM at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Philadelphia (at the airport) when the smoke alarm went off at 4:45 in the morning. The Ohio delegation to the Democratic Convention...
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Bill O'Reilly Says White House Slaves Were Well Fed

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly is weighing in on Michelle Obama's statement about living in a house built by slaves. The conservative commentator was responding to the First Lady's speech at...
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Daughter Shows Up To The ER With A Broken Arm Then The Doctor Shows Mom A Shocking Note!

Look closely at what the doctor's note says... This is insane, don't you think?
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Little Girl Hears Grandma Say A "Bad Word". Then Goes On An Adorable Tirade

Babies so the darndest things and it's so stinkin' cute. 
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Another Optical Illusion Is Baffling The Internet

How many bars do you count? 
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This Woman Used To Weigh Over 1,000 Pounds, But Check Out What She Looks Like Now

I can't believe that's the same person in the last picture.
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Predator Lunches At A Woman, But Watch Her Arms

This 40 second video could save your life.  
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WATCH: Taco Bell BRAWL And An Order Of Fresco Style Chicken Soft Tacos

What makes this video crazy is the dude filming it also places his order like everything it totally normal.
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WATCH: Walking Dead Star Andrew Lincoln Gets Pranked

Apparently Norman Reedus is the prankster on 'The Walking Dead' set and Andrew Lincoln is his favorite target.
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WATCH: 10-Year-Old Almost KILLs Cameraman With An AK-47

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